Flywheel Review: Are they the WordPress Host for You?

Flywheel is one of the most popular managed Wordpress names in the web hosting industry, but does that make it the right option for you?
8.9/10 (Expert Score)
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Quick Facts & Checklist

Updated June 2023

Speed381 ms (January 2023 to June 2023)
Uptime99.99% (January 2023 to June 2023)
FeaturesFree Migrations, Free SSL Certificate, Free CDN, 30+ Studiopress Themes, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Hosting PlansManaged WordPress
Support24/7 Live Chat, Phone, Email, Knowledge Base
PricingPlans start from £10.34 per month 


What Is Flywheel?

Flywheel first came onto our screens in 2012 with a simple mission to improve the lives of the millions of web designers and developers worldwide that build sites on WordPress.

This Flywheel review will go into exactly how well that mission has fared into 2024.

flywheel review landing page image

Since the web has become more functional than ever, websites and hosting services are increasing in demand.

You’ve probably heard the terms cloud, web hosting, managed WordPress, but how does Flywheel separate their services?

When it comes to hosting, consumers are looking for who can offer a faster platform, cheaper web host services, and how WordPress integrates with this.

Powered by the Google Cloud Platform

Flywheel aims to be unlike other platforms. While working alongside the Google Cloud platform and making a seamless backend with an impressive hosting facility, Flywheel also provides unique hosting servers for WordPress.

flywheel welcome page

Flywheel have a well designed and intuitive dashboard

They essentially demonstrate that your site will experience the best quality, security and performance as every single server is optimised for a single CMS.

Impressive huh?

For a company that has been around less than ten years, these desirable features bring in customers and keep them there.

Optimised for WordPress

Beyond the server, you also get additional features with a managed WordPress host, such as automatic backups and WordPress upgrades. Great features that help you manage your site easily.

This ensures you won’t be left worrying about your backend and can focus on the front of your business (where you are likely needed most).

Are you looking to create your website with WordPress?

Flywheel’s infrastructure is optimised to give your WordPress site maximum uptime and insanely fast page speeds!

Speed & Reliability

How Fast is Flywheel?

For the average business today, the speed test is becoming more critical to hosting providers than ever. The competition in this space is huge.

On paper, Flywheels’ infrastructure claims to give your WordPress site the maximum speed possible to ensure fast page speeds and downloads. However, how does it fare when you test this theory?

So the question to ask, if you are a UK user – is this the right platform for you?

Flywheel Speed Test

Load Impact & Stress Test Results

Rather than just carrying out a single test of the website’s entire load times, we also use K6 (formerly known as Load Impact) to carry out a stress test of their server. 

The test sends 50 virtual concurrent users over 5 minutes to our test site to see how quickly the server can respond as visitors increase.

flywheel load imapct

Kinsta K6 Stress Test Results

The above chart shows that as the visitors increase (the grey line), the response time (the blue line) stays pretty stable. Aside from a single spike towards the end of the test, Flywheel held steady at under 0.2 seconds during the entire stress test.

That’s a fantastic result, which places this web host near the top of the pile for WordPress performance.

FlyWheel also provides what feels like a shopping list of never-ending features.

Firstly you’ll get your site migrated for free, auto backups and automatic WordPress updates, built-in caching, CDN integration, SSL support. Finally, if you are looking to create an impact on a small budget, this could be your web hosting match made in internet heaven.

Flywheel Hosting Uptime

Flywheel doesn’t provide its data or guarantees on uptime when assessing the uptime, which is an interesting point for users. Without wanting to sound too negative, it is unusual that they don’t share this information.

Generally speaking, uptime is one of the most critical metrics to understand your users’ type of experience online.

In their defense, Flywheel consistently scores 99.99% based on our research from the last six months. This is interesting to note when more UK-based businesses request better transparency on speed and uptime when choosing a provider.

How much of a priority is Speed & Performance to you?

Flywheels container technology powered by the Google Cloud Platform enables them to ramp up instantly to meet traffic spikes, surges, and everything in between!

Pricing & Plans

How Much Does Flywheel Cost?

Flywheel currently has four’ plans’ or pricing structures available. The best part about this is that each plan is incredibly different to ensure the needs of their customers are met.

It ensures no matter where you are on your business journey. There is an option for a beginner right through to an advanced agency professional.

flywheel pricing

Flywheels Hosting Plans

Flywheel ‘Tiny’ Plan

Plan one called ‘Tiny’ this is your basic beginner’s plan. At £9.57 a month, this option is Plan one called ‘Tiny’ is your basic beginner’s plan. At £9.57 a month, this option is considered highly affordable. It allows you to have all the basic features without overloading you with too much choice.

You can access one site with up to 5000 visitors and a generous 5GB of storage. This won’t work for everyone, but it is a great introduction to get you started.

Flywheel ‘Starter’ Plan

The next jump takes you to ‘Starter,’ and this plan takes on the ‘Tiny’ plan and doubles it immediately. You still access only one site but an increase of 25,000 visits, 10GB in storage and bandwidth of 50GB.

This price difference will take you to £17.95 per month. It is an excellent place to land for those who want a bit more but are still finding their feet.

Flywheel ‘Freelancer’ Plan

From here, things get serious with the next level of ‘Freelancer.’ You quickly jump up to ten sites with 100,000 visits, a very generous 20GB of storage and a massive increase in bandwidth of 200GB.

This comes at a cost and will set you back £69 per month. A popular option for those who manage multiple sites.

Flywheel ‘Agency’ Plan

The final jump is ‘Agency’ at £174 … gulp!

Before you run and hide and go back down to ‘Tiny’ or ‘Starter,’ the final ‘Agency’ plan has A LOT to offer. First up, it brings your total managed sites up to thirty with 400,000 visits per day.

It smashes our past storage rates and provides a whole 50GB of space with 500GB of bandwidth to play with. This is what true professionals need.

This range in price makes Flywheel extremely affordable. However, how does it rank in comparison to its competitors?

Flywheel vs. Competitors Prices

Host Provider
flywheel brand logo
siteground brand logo
kinsta brand logo
WordPress Hosting

Help & Support

How About Flywheels Support?

Customer support levels can be the difference between a good web provider and a very poor one. Something every business can’t go without, and Flywheel makes some big promises in this space.

They promise that you will talk to ‘real humans’ who are available 24 hours a day. They call these people their ‘Happiness Engineers,’ or more commonly known as WordPress experts.

flywheel support

Flywheels offers multi-channel support

The beauty of this level of customer support is that it is clear that Flywheel has researched this space well. They’ve understood the needs of their customers and the importance of accessible real-time support.

flywheel support ticket

Flywheels ticketing system in the dashboard

The Flywheel dashboard is the perfect example of how clever minds have solved a problem web hosting services have had for years. With a single click on their help box, you can create, reply to, and close tickets.

Imagine all of that in a singular and easy-to-access place designed to keep track of support threads. Gone are the days of running through your inbox to try and piece together what has gone wrong.

Does expert support matter to you?

Meet Flywheel’s Happiness Engineers, aka WordPress experts. They’re always available to support you and save the day!

Features & Products

What Features & Services Do Flywheel Offer?

We’ve already listed out quite a few (of the many) features on Flywheel so far. But, let’s go back a few steps and have a look at exactly what features are on offer.

Flywheels Features & Comparison

Main FeaturesTinyStarterFreelanceAgency
Storage5 GB10 GB20 GB50 GB
Bandwidth20 GB50 GB200 GB500 GB
Free Domain Name✖︎✖︎✖︎✖︎
Free SSL Certificate✔︎✔︎✔︎✔︎
Daily Backups✔︎✔︎✔︎✔︎
24/7 customer service✔︎✔︎✔︎✔︎
Money back guarantee✔︎✔︎✔︎✔︎

In terms of their bank of other features, look no further than the beautifully designed interface, easy CDN integrations and free SSL certificate.

Flywheel is working hard on the backend to make it blissfully simple to get you up and running.

Local Development Environment

Cleverly designed features such as staging are perfect for beginners. You can essentially test our ideas and how they function before you hit publish.

The ability to move changes from your live site and vice versa back to a staging site provides users with the confidence they so desperately need when getting started.

Studiopress Included

flywheel studiopress themes

Get premium WordPress themes with Studiopress

You will also get the Genesis framework and access to all the Studiopress WordPress themes, which helps you quickly build great-looking websites.

The more classic (but important features) are items such as payable via PayPal or Credit Card, the ability to upgrade your plan anytime and finally, built-in site stats.

Are you looking for a featured packed hosting plan?

You get so many features that come standard with Flywheel. You would be hard pushed to find a better package from another host!

Security & Protection

How Secure is Flywheel?

One of the most impressive parts of Flywheel is just how much effort has been put into security across their platform.

When security across a web service breaks down, the whole business can break down. The long-term effects of a security breach can damage brand perception, trust and transparency with customers.

Flywheel has recognised the challenges faced by UK businesses and created a security system and promise which addresses what customers want.

The security features are not just for the top-paying plans either, and they are included in every plan.

flywheel security insights

Flywheel offers top security on all their packages

Their security promises include everything from data encryption, two-factor authentication right through to more complex security features such as SSH gateway.

Flywheel’s clever and creative way of providing their customers confidence in their approach is what sets them apart.

Pros & Cons

What We Like & Dislike About Flywheel

Flywheel Cons

Pricing increase – The levels of pricing can jump relatively high from level to level. Depending on your initial investment, you may find yourself quickly changing plans to allow for more features.

Cheaper alternatives – 
There are always going to be more affordable alternatives out there. Flywheel has addressed many concerns UK business owners have had over hosting their sites within such a competitive space. You could be potentially paying a higher price tag than some competitors, especially if you expect to host multiple sites.

What Are The Alternatives To Flywheel?

SiteGround Best overall WordPress Host

SiteGround manages WordPress sites easily with more freedom, excellent features and great pricing!

Kinsta Best Premium Managed WordPress Hosting

A top managed WordPress hosting provider that takes care of all your needs with cutting-edge technology and super fast speed.


Whether you need a custom enterprise solution or you just need managed WordPress hosting to get started, Wp-Engine has a plan that’s right for you.

Bluehost Good WordPress host For Beginners

Everything your WordPress website needs from start-up to success. Our favourite budget WordPress host!

Final Thoughts

So, Do We Recommend Flywheel?

Absolutely! In almost every category, Flywheel’s performance exceeded the expectations of other hosting companies. They’ve cleverly designed their interface to ensure all levels can hit the ground running.

In terms of a value for money service, Flywheel stands up against other platforms. If I haven’t convinced you, a 30-day money-back guarantee should.

For me, the standout is the support options. As a customer, knowing that no matter what is going wrong in your business, having the ability to connect through multiple support channels outweighs many other features.

They offer several communication channels, including regular plain email tickets, phone calls, social media, and live chat. All of this is offered 24/7, which needs to be at the forefront of business owners when choosing a web hosting service in today’s digital world.

Ready to give Flywheel a go?

Flywheel’s impressive hosting infrastructure was created to be everything your sites need, plus a whole lot more. Head on over and see for yourself!

Overall Score

Editor & User Ratings

9Expert Score
Flywheel Managed WordPress Hosting

If you’re a WordPress user with a small budget, Flywheel is definitely a choice worth considering.

Speed & Reliability
Pricing & Plans
Help & Support
Features & Products
Security & Protection


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