Our Review Process

At Host Advisor, we’re relentless in our pursuit of providing the most comprehensive, to-the-point, and unbiased reviews of the best web hosting companies on the market.
Our Review Process

We know how important a good web hosting service is to getting your website up and running and creating a successful business online. However, not every web host provider is as good as it claims to be.

We’ve reviewed over twenty web host providers to date, manually testing features, analysing key metrics, and we’re not planning on stopping any time soon!

Our philosophy at Host Advisor is simple, to be transparent and 100% valuable to our readers.

Find out how our research is conducted and keep our reviews honest and unbiased. After all, we expect you to spend your hard-earned money based on our recommendations. So it is fair that you know how we reach our conclusions.

Here’s how we make our reviews.

Our Assessment Criteria

What We Evaluate

There are many variables to consider when the time comes for you to sign up for a web host, and we assess and test all of them when we evaluate hosting services.

  • Pricing & Plans
  • Help & Support
  • Speed & Performance
  • Features & Products
  • Security & Protection

Our review methodology is objective and comprehensive, but at the end of the day, we ask ourselves a straightforward question before giving a product our stamp of approval: “Would we use this service ourselves?”

How We Test Web Hosts

Hands-On Analaysis

In order to provide you with the most detailed and extensive web host reviews possible, we test the web hosts ourselves. We sign up for the basic shared hosting plan the web host offers for the maximum length, ensuring we have enough data to compare and contrast against other hosting providers.

We always maintain complete secrecy on sign up, posing as regular customers, which we believe is the only way to gather accurate data relevant to real users.

All web host companies advertise speed, uptime and a variety of features. Still, a lot of the time, it’s just false promises. If there’s one thing we’ve learnt over the years, it’s that things are usually not as good as they are marketed to be. Once our hosting plan is live and active, we determine if the host follows through on what they claim.

We start by purchasing a domain name and setting up a standard WordPress theme (twenty twenty one). We then monitor the site third-party applications and software to gather real-world insights and data to inform our reviews.

Click here to see one of our live test sites.

This test site is hosted on Namecheaps basic shared hosting plan.

The Tools We Use

How We Monitor Performance


Uptime is the amount of time (in days, hours and minutes) the server or your website has been running, usually listed as a percentage for a given period.

Most web host providers offer a guaranteed uptime (usually around the 99.9% mark), and back this up with a refund if they fail to hit that figure.

While it’s rare to come across a web hosting company that would lie about their uptimes, these things happen, & websites can experience a lot of downtime. And downtime means your site is not available to your users, which can even lead to customer dissatisfaction, a drop in search engine ranking and loss of potential business.

So, your website’s always available for customers should be your business’s topmost priority.

uptime robot client dashboard

Our Uptime Robot Account Dashboard

To monitor our test sites, we use UptimeRobot, which sends out a request every minute to see how the website is performing. This gives us the data, which we screenshot and publish inside our reviews.

Click here to see our Uptime Robot dashboard in real time

K6 – (Load Impact)

Rather than just carrying out a single test of the website’s total load times, we also use K6 to carry out a load test of their server.

Load testing is the process of putting simulated demand on a website in a way that tests or demonstrates its behaviour under various conditions.

It ensures that your website can perform as expected when there is increased demand on its resources.

Our test sends 50 virtual concurrent users over 5 minutes to our test sites to see how quickly the server can respond as the number of visitors increase. We also screenshot these data results and publish them in the reviews.

k6 client dashboard

Our K6 Dashboard Area

How Our Rating Works

The Host Advisor Score

After going through the steps above, we’re ready to rate the hosting provider and generate our Host Advisor Score. This weighted score considers five different factors related to performance, features, support, security, and pricing (there are some cheap web hosts that are great).

Each factor is rated on a scale from 1-10 and then weighted based on importance to generate the Host Advisor Score. The score will be a quick and easy way to compare different web host providers and look at how they perform on the most critical factors.

We take the guesswork out o­­f the buying process by thoroughly researching and testing web host companies, so you don’t have to. We know that this process can be overwhelming, and we thought it was about time someone made it simple and maybe even a little fun.

Why You Can Trust Us

How Reliable Are Our Ratings?

Our team comprises people who have had long-term, hands-on experience hosting websites and are familiar with the issues you may encounter with a web hosting company.

We are hugely proud of our online reviews on our website, and they aim to give you an up to date and clearer picture of what each web host has to offer. That’s why we check, re-test and update our reviews every six months to provide you with the latest information.

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