Zyro Review – Is This Website Builder Any Good?

Zyro is an extremely popular user-friendly website builder that offers some of the lowest prices in the market. But is all the hype worth it?
9.1/10 (Expert Score)
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Zyro Overview

What is Zyro Website Builder?

Zyro is a newcomer to the scene of website building. Established in 2019 in Lithuania, it specialises in Artificial Intelligence technology. Despite only being up and running for two years, they have already published over 100,000 websites.

Zyro’s intention is to create a web-building platform that is fast and easy to use so that customers can focus on their business rather than website design. With this in mind, they created an AI toolbox that they are continuously adding to.

zyro website builder landing page

Their AI standout feature has already written Shakespearian-style sonnets for National Poetry Day, as well as becoming an unlikely hero of the canceled Glastonbury festival in 2020. Their Glastonbury AI tool is still available for anyone to try and will write you song lyrics in the styles of The Beatles, Taylor Swift or Kendrick Lamar.

I tried it out, and it delivers the artist’s style even though it has a vague feeling that it’s been auto-translated. Most of Zyro’s AI capabilities are available for anyone to use for free on their website.

Name generator and AI writer are just a few of the features that are free to use without signing up for a payment plan. So I decided to try out their AI Writer to check out my competition and typed in a sentence that included the word ‘art’ and let the writer generate several paragraph options based on my sentence.

One of the generated articles went off on a bit of a tangent about how Studio Ghibli didn’t want to make any more Shrek films, but it did have a conversational style that could be good copy with only a few tweaks.

zyro ai content generator

So we know that their AI writer is good, but perhaps isn’t perfect at present (and I’m thankful for that, or I’d be out of a job!) but what we want to know is; how does Zyro hold up in the competitive world of Website building?

In this comprehensive Zyro review, I’ll be taking you through its interface, features, price plans and customer service to determine if this new kid on the block can hold its own against the more established builders.

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Ease of Use 

How Easy is Zyro to Use?

Zyro website builder provides a brilliant builder interface that gives you a lot of control but perhaps not enough customisation. Zyro’s drag-and-drop builder is highly user-friendly and AI features remove any need for professional assistance.

You can browse the templates freely, but you must choose a plan and enter payment details before you start building. Unlike may website builders they give you a 30-day money-back guarantee rather than a free trial.

They offer over 150 beautiful templates that are professional-looking, and you can search through them in multiple ways. All the templates are responsive-designs, and you can browse through all of them, search by category or use their search bar, which allows you to search by keyword.

If the thought of all that searching is too much for you, you can try out their AI website generator to get inspiration. In addition, one of Zyro’s design features is to offer a blank site should you wish to have more control over your site build.

Zyro also lets you preview how the template looks on multiple devices before you make your decision.

Zyro review 22

Once you’ve chosen your template and your payment plan, you can start to populate your site. You can make site-wide changes to fonts, sizes and colours, so it’s easy to make changes as you go along.

The drag-and-drop editor allows you to customise elements and layouts without difficulty. So if writing copy is what puts you off designing your site, then Zyro has got your back.

The AI Writer is a handy tool that will create content based on category, or you can ‘go wild’ and type up to 1000 words for the AI writer to work off and create material based on your input.

I do recommend proofreading, however, as it may need some tweaking before it is usable. You are presented with multiple content options, so you can choose the best and alter it if needed.

Tools and Features

What Are The Features Of Zyro?

A lot of Zyro’s features are primarily AI-based. I have already mentioned the AI writer, but honestly, it is worth talking about.

While you edit your site, a button on the right-hand side of the screen will provide you with topics and suggested content that the AI writer can produce. This will help you populate your website quickly and with minimal effort if that’s what you want.

Zyros Heatmap is another genius bit of AI that maps the areas of your site that will attract the most attention.

zyro blog title generator

Simply put, it will show you exactly where your customers will look when they view your page. This way, you can maximise your site’s impact and user experience by placing attention-grabbing images and text right in your customers’ eye line.

The AI doesn’t stop there. They offer a logo maker, business name generator, branding, website template generator, slogan generator and more. They also have an Image Background Remover (that does exactly what it says on the tin), so you can add your image to one of the many provided in the integrated Unsplash library.

Zyro also offers many other valuable advanced features that aren’t AI. However, from blogging tools to Google analytics and Live Chat Messenger, the more you pay, the more features you can access.

Their top-tier plans cater to eCommerce websites and have some cool features. For example, this affordable platform gives you over 50 payment options and allows you to sell on social media and Amazon.

You can track orders and manage inventory, shipping and tax. The best eCommerce feature is that it is commission-free.

zyro website builder editor

The marketing tools available are also pretty useful. For example, you can integrate Facebook pixel, Snapchat pixel and Pinterest tags to find out where your social media traffic comes from and how they interact with your site once they are there. This helps you to create targeted ad campaigns that have a high chance of success.

Zyro also provides domains, although you can also use a custom domain that you already own and use Zyro for web hosting, and of course, they offer an AI domain name generator into the bargain.

Looking for a featured packed Website Builder?

Zyro is a powerful tool – think Swiss Army knife – that makes it easy for anyone to build a beautiful website or launch an online store.

Plans and Pricing

How Much Does Zyro Cost?

Zyro offers four pricing plans, and the most affordable plan, called ‘Basic’ which is listed for personal use. At £1.50 a month, it includes; 3GB bandwidth, 1GB storage, connection to your own domain, SSL security, blogging features and SEO tools and AI branding.

While this cheapest plan is advertised at £1.50 per month to get that price, you have to sign up for a four-year contract that you pay in advance. That’s £72 upfront, which is still pretty good value if you ask me. You can choose a 2-year contract that’s £45.60 upfront, or one year for £30.00, or you can pay monthly for £4.90 a month.

The most popular, Unleashed, is aimed at freelancers and entrepreneurs, is just 40p more per month. You get the basics, plus unlimited bandwidth and storage, free domain for a year, live chat messenger, Google analytics and Tag messenger, Facebook pixel and visitor remarketing.

Again you’ll be paying for four years upfront, so an initial outlay of £91.20. It’s £69.60 for two years and £46.80 for one year. If you want to pay monthly, it’s £6.90 per month.

zyro pricing table image

The price then jumps to £5.90 per month (£283.20 for the 4-year plan) for the eCommerce package. You get everything that’s included with Unleashed plus 100 products commission-free, online payment gateways, all eCommerce functions, email notifications, discount coupons, gift cards plus order, inventory, shipping and tax management.

The two and 1-year plans are £189.60 and £118.80 respectively, and monthly payments are £14.90.

Their most expensive plan is the eCommerce Plus at £9.90 a month (£475.20 upfront). You get 2500 products plus the additional features of abandoned cart recovery, multiple language options, product filters, Facebook shop, Instagram store and your products on Amazon. 2 years will be £261.60 and one year £142.80 with monthly payments being £15.90.

All but the Basic plan offers free domain access for a year. If you want to buy a domain from Zyro, they offer a wide choice of URLs at varying prices. A .biz will set you back around $15.99 (£11.38) a year, a .com around $8.99 (£6.40) while a .xyz or a .online is only $0.99 (70p) annually.

Zyro Website Plans

Main FeaturesBasicUnleashedeCommerceeCommerce Plus
Custom Domain✔︎✔︎✔︎✔︎
Free Domain for 1 Year✖︎✖︎✖︎✖︎
Free Email✔︎✔︎✔︎✔︎
Free SSL Certificate✔︎✔︎✔︎✔︎
Storage Space1GBUnlimited10GB35GB
Blogging tools✔︎✔︎✔︎✔︎
Optimised for Search Engines✔︎✔︎✔︎✔︎
Customer Care24/7 Support24/7 Support24/7 SupportPriority Support

Help & Support

How Good is Zyro Support?

Zyro is a very customer-focused company. They want to make building a website as easy and hassle-free as possible while providing their customers with all the features they need at a reasonable price.

With all their efforts being put into ease of use, you may not need any help. However, if you find yourself a little stuck, they have a knowledge base full of advice and articles on most issues, including site setup.

It is updated regularly by the Zyro team, so you are always getting relevant information. However, the articles do concentrate mainly on FAQs, so you may find yourself still needing to contact them for additional support.

zyro support center

Zyro doesn’t have a customer support team…they have a customer success team! At least, that’s what they call themselves. You can email them or use the Live Chat feature 24/7. Calling yourself a ‘Customer Success Team’ may seem a little pretentious, but many customers report that they are friendly, knowledgeable and quick to respond.

Zyro claims that 2 minutes is their average response time, which is pretty helpful if you have an issue preventing you from working on your site.

They don’t offer telephone support, which is understandable but still a little disappointing. Nevertheless, it seems that the customer support reflects the other aspect of this builder: quick, efficient, and effective.

Does expert support matter to you?

If you run into any problems with any aspect of your website, you can contact Zyro’s dedicated customer success team 24/7.

Pros & Cons

What We Like & Dislike About Zyro

Zyro Cons

Limited customisation – means you may feel your site lacks a level of personalisation if that’s what you’re after.

It can be a costly initial outlay – and having no free trial might put some people off.

No telephone customer service
Call me old fashioned, as long as you call me.

What Are The Alternatives To Zyro?

Wix Best Overall Website Builder

+ Over 500 designer-made templates
+ Innovative drag and drop editor
+ Powerful web app integrations
+ FREE SSL certificate


+ Award-winning web designs
+ Powerful blogging tools 
+ Integrated SEO & Analytics
+ Unlimited Bandwidth and Storage

Duda Best Website Builder for Creatives

+ Powerful mobile editing
+ Easy drag-and-drop editor
+ Modern responsive website templates
+ Unlimited Sites and Bandwidth

Weebly Best Free Website Builder

+ Excellent third party apps
+ Integrated email & digital marketing
+ Advanced eCommerce tools 
+ FREE SSL certificate

Jimdo best website builder for ease of use

+ Attractive mobile friendly designs
+ High quality image library
+ Great social media integration
+ FREE SSL Certificate

Godaddy Website Builder Best Website builder for beginners

+ 20+ theme filters & layouts
+ Beautifully crafted website templates 
+ Backup and Restore feature
+ FREE SSL certificate

Ucraft Best for building landing pages

+ Over 100 designer-made blocks
+ Website language detection
+ Free icon and image library
+ FREE SSL & Unlimited Bandwidth

Gator Builder best website builder for basic websites

+ Industry-specific designed templates
+ Excellent eCommerce management tools
+ Free access to Unsplash image library
+ FREE SSL certificate & Free domain

Constat Contact best for simple & Quick websites

+ AI powered website builder
+ Email marketing integration
+ Powerful eCommerce platform
+ FREE SSL certificate & CDN

Final Thoughts

Do We Recommend Zyro?

Absolutely! Zyro website builder is great for beginners. The The built-in tools and content generator can help with content creation, branding and layout, making it perfect for the novice or anyone with limited time.

As they also offer a blank site you can build from scratch, I’d say they do provide a good deal if you’re after more creative control too. But, of course, all Zyro’s AI features are optional, and you could always use them as a starting point.

The cross-media marketing features are fantastic and small businesses will find this web builder suitable for their needs and their budget. Their eCommerce plans are fit for purpose and competitive. Although the initial outlay might put some off, it’s probably worth it to not have to pay a penny towards your site for four years!

They have hit the ground running for a new company, and on price alone, they more than keep up with the big boys. They offer good value 4-year cheap plans and, even though it’s more expensive, you can pay monthly if you don’t want to commit. Their templates are modern, fresh and their editor is intuitive with a clean interface which allows you to create a good-looking website.

Although they don’t offer a free trial, the 30-day money-back guarantee means that you do have a cooling-off period after you buy. In addition, as you can test all their AI for free on their website, you can get a feel for the usability before you take the plunge.

Plus, I have a feeling that AI runs this company, and if robots take over, then joining Zyro might mean you’re already on their good side.

Ready to give Zyro a try?

Get a professional website that loads at lightning speed. Convert more of your website traffic into paying customers and rank higher on search engines.

Overall Score

Editor & User Ratings

9.1Expert Score
Zyro Website Builder

Everything you could ever need to get a website set up online and 24/7 live support for just £1.50 per month. Whats not to like?

Ease of Use
Tools and Features
Plans and Pricing
Help & Support


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